Gregg D. Bauer

Gregg has spent most of his career as a startup entrepreneur having been involved in founding numerous technology startups.  He is currently the Managing Partner of Spinnaker Venture Partners in Boston.  Gregg is an electrical engineer from Ohio University and has an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.  He is passionate about helping startup entrepreneurs to succeed and has mentored for the Hult Prize in Social Entrepreneuring for 9 years.  

Gregg is also a commercial pilot and volunteers for Angel Flights who transports seriously ill people for medical treatment.  He has actually lived in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as he spends his summers at the Hult Accelerator in London in the Ashridge Castle where Harry Potter was filmed.


Mark Roth

Mark is co-founder and Managing Director of Spinnaker Venture Partners, serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience as founder of venture based start-ups creating value for stakeholders, providing leadership on new product development, innovation management, and business origination.

Mark has held leadership R&D positions in Rockwell International, Honeywell, and Engelhard Minerals and Chemicals and has provided management consulting on corporate and business development issues to emerging technology businesses. Internationally, he has led the establishment of R&D operations in Eastern Europe and Russia, as well as coordinating globally distributed development operations on three continents. Mark has served as a board member and director of numerous manufacturing industry and technology consortia including the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, the Microelectronics Computer Consortium, the Software Engineering Institute and the Software Productivity Consortium. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Stevens Institute of Technology and has affiliations with the Tuck School of Business and the Czech Technical University.


Jorge Andrés Barrera 

MIT – Mechanical Engineer and Sustainable Development Fellow with a passion for solar cars.  Jorge worked in several top 100 companies and pioneered new business development strategies at HP until leaving to help grow US startups Formulatrix in pharmaceutical robotics and in online manufacturing.  For the last 9 years Jorge has led the technologic startup environment in Medellin Colombia. He has pioneered networking, education, foreign startup and investment landing in the city. He is founder of Creatti Labs, a leader in sustainable mass transportation, developing Latin America’s first electric bus, ramping up local production and trails in 4 mayor cities in Colombia.  His new venture, Multiplo, aims at closing the gap in emerging markets for affordable personal transportation and distributed renewable energy. 

Jorge devotes some of his time to teaching a new generation how to develop technology, fund it and bring it to market through volunteer competitive solar car racing and direct mentoring.


Rosa A. Zuluaga 

Executive Director  & Co-founder of the Corporation Development Solution and Co-founder of Accelerate Colombia. She has over 20 years’ experience working as CEO, Executive Director, and Ambassador at the local, national and international levels with expertise in entrepreneurship, strategic planning, public policies, marketing, communications, fundraising, negotiation, finance, innovation, and leadership.  

Her education includes a Masters in Management and a Strategic Management from Harvard, Masters in International Marketing from ESMA in Barcelona; Bachelors in Journalism/Social Communication and Bachelors in Philosophy and Humanities. Rosa´s greatest passions are hiking, yoga and cute dogs.


Oscar David Tobón

Oscar holds over 16 years of experience in management roles. He and his family returned to Colombia during the summer of 2018 after attended MIT Sloan Business School in Cambridge, MA (US). He focused his studies in innovation and entrepreneurship methodologies to develop Digital Transformation. He has experience in Business Development, Corporate Finance and entrepreneurship.

Oscar is a Senior Lecturer in Financial Strategy at Universidad EAFIT and volunteer Lecturer at La Akademia Medellin.

However, two of the most exciting experiences in his life were the Firewalking in 2014 (5 meters in length and he did it twice!) and the Glass Walking in 2016 (1 meter in length).


Juan Carlos Botero  

Juan Carlos has 25 years of experience in different areas of the financial industry.  Solid technical background in financial engineering and broad experience in strategy and management.  He has developed his professional career in different companies of the financial industry, including Suvalor, Corfinsura, Bancolombia, Colombia Mercantile Exchange and Sura Asset Management.  Member of boards of directors and strategy committees of financial institutions and manufacturing companies.  

He is also a current member of the investments committee of Inframco, the largest Infrastructure private equity fund in Colombia.  Juan Carlos holds a B.Sc in Civil Engineering from the Antioquia School of Engineers, a M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Los Andes, an MBA in Financial Engineering from MIT and a M.Sc. in Management (Sloan Fellows Program in Innovation and Global Leadership) from MIT.  Juan teaches graduate-level finance in some of the most renowned Universities in Colombia.


Andrea Escobar

Andrea is passionate about creating disruptive mobility solutions, innovation, design and brands with high social impact. She has a degree in Product Design Engineering and a specialization in Marketing from EAFIT university. She has been successful communicating in new ways impact of sustainable mobility, from solar car racing documentaries to hip-urban mobility scooters.

Her interest in sustainability and transforming projects came to life when in 2013 she became one of the first women to build and race successfully the first Colombian solar car to cross the Australian desert, she was also part of Cambria Solar Car in which she was in charge of the fund- raising department. Nowadays, thanks to those experiences she is leading different sustainable projects such as: The introduction of the first electric bus to Colombia and the implementa- tion of renewable energies for the development of sustainable city ecosystems.


Elizabeth Correa  

Elizabeth is an international business negotiator from EAFIT university in Medellin, her passion for cultures and languages have led her to dominate Spanish, English, Italian and Chinese. In 2016 she finds fascination in sustainable mobility after being part of Cambria Solar Car, a project of students from all careers that aimed to build a racing car in 89 days to participate in the European Solar Challenge. After such amazing experience she’s been involved in different kinds of projects that are related to the development of renewable energies and sustainable transportation. She is currently working as the Logistics leader and team manager at Multiplo Colombia.


Wilmar Ortiz  

Wilmar is an upcoming Industrial Engineer of Universidad Nacional de Colombia, his areas of expertise are web development, e-commerce and digital marketing. He is currently doing his internship at the Urban Development Company of Medellín (EDU) in the area of Strategic Planning, assisting innovation processes, product development and new business lines for the public conglomerate of the city of Medellín.. Believes in the power of group work, continued improvement, and human growth trough technology and knowledge democratization. Loves cycling, traveling and learning about different cultures.

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