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We are currently accepting applications from technology focused startups who have product and revenues and a track record of growth for the upcoming cohort.



We believe in the importance of team work to achieve success. Therefore, we require all startups to have a minimum of 4 people on their team to apply.


Language Proficiency

Our programs are all run in English. Applicants will need to have English proficiency to participate in the cohort.



We run an ongoing application process on with a highly competitive selection prrocedure. To apply for the 2023 cohort, submit your application online via our form. Only 10 places will be available for applicants. Startups that apply early have an advantage because we have more time to read their applications. You can submit your application anytime, although keep in mind that the later you apply, the more difficult it will be to be offered a position.



We will invite the most promising startups to a video interview with the selection committee.


What's next

Filter 1

We will decide what startups are accepted to the program after the interviews.


To keep in mind

We do not provide office space.  Your startup will continue to work out of your current accommodations.  Key events like meetups, pitch events, expert speakers, etc. will be conducted on-line.


Meet ups

During the 4 month on-line acceleration program we will have regular workshop events every 3 weeks on the weekends in alignment with the key milestones of the acceleration process.  The startups will be working with their assigned mentors and coaches weekly between these events.  During these events we will invite an expert to speak on some key aspect of startups.  The startups will also showcase their progress and be required to do a practice pitch sessions at the 

We will also hold weekly training events, usually on Tuesday evenings, on the  key topics  regarding preparation for internationalization.  Each event is on-line and will include a subject matter expert to speak on the topic.

 Participation in all events is mandatory.



Demo day

The accelerator will culminate in an Demo Day at which the startups present to a carefully selected, invitation-only audience of potential investors.



Mentors and coaches will meet with their startups on a weekly basis.



During and post the accelerator we will endeavor to introduce startups individually to people and companies that can help them.

How do we choose which startups to invite?

We will consider companies from anywhere in Latin America or internationally. As the acceleration program is on-line companies generally will not need to travel from their home locations.  We will consider  technology related startups with a proven track record in their home markets.

When considering startups we use the following key criteria plus some others.

Original idea

Qualifications and strength of the founding team

Demonstrated commitment to the startup

Solving a problem with international potential

Potential to scale internationally

Probably to attract international investment

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