Meet the 2019 Cohort

Mobile app to disintermediate the pawn industry to allow people to easily and safely and inexpensively secure short-term funds.

POS (Point of Sale) Liquid and beverages self serve dispenser that helps to eliminate plastic waste while providing FMCG companies new options to capture and retain customers

Online platform connecting people to unique and smaller venue cultural events.

AI solution for point of sale management for fast moving consumer goods.

AI Platform that automatically sources developers and connects them with companies that need development talent.


NES accompanies the life cycle of people measuring and boosting their talent through game test.

Platform that provides procurement, sales and finance to SME’s in the construction industry

Sacha Inci, a super food, into new foods and food additive products.

Platform that integrates multiple data sources to allow improved decision making in the transportation industry

Meet the 2020 Cohort

Pet Valet

Bogota, Colombia

Pet Valet delivers affordable, safe, high quality on-demand pet care services via a simple, east to use app.



We believe pet parenthood should always be easy and fun. Families are changing and they don’t want their pets to stay behind of their dynamic life. We simplify their life by providing on demand and amazing pet care services that connects pet parents to loving and verify caregivers, whether it is for an hour while they dine or shop, or for a several days vacation.r shop, or for a several days vacation.

Genoma Biotech

Medellin, Colombia

Genoma Biotech is genomics, biotechnology and biologicals company dedicated to providing solutions for the precision medicine sector


Genoma Biotech has a wide variety of products and services that contribute to the development of the health sector and related areas. The have complete portfolio of services composed of cutting-edge genomic tests for the diagnosis and prognosis of diseases of genetic origin.  Their Ampliphi® brand provides offers high quality products necessary for the implementation of molecular biology techniques in a timely manner. Their Theragenics® brand supplies biotechnological products such as medicines of biological origin and highly complex tests for health care.


Bogota, Colombia

Goelegido is an app that allows you to order a private driver on demand to drive your car.


The first designated driver app in real-time. Within 15-20 minutes, one of our drivers would arrive to your departure point, giving you a comfortable, safe, and immediate service..


Villamaria – Manizales, Colombia

Unionmade creative is a design, product development and brand building firm with 30 years of expertise in the fashion industry.



UnionMade is an established design, product development, brand building company serving the fashion industry operating across Latin America and the US.  They have their own successful brank know as Scout® which there are planning on moving from retail to digital chanelsor shop, or for a several days vacation.

Billy Facturex

Bogota, Colombia

Billy Facturex is a web-based invoicing and factoring platform for SME´s


Billy is an electronic invoicing and e-factoring platform through which small and medium-sized entrepreneurs will be able to invoice their operation quickly, easily and for free. Additionally, Billy allows access to financing through invoice discounting.

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