Accelerate Colombia experts are US and internationally based seasoned startup entrepreneurs and industry leaders who share their time, experiences and deep knowledge to help our startups to form and grow.  Experts support the startups as mentors, speakers and panelists.

Becoming a part of Accelerate Colombia’s Expert family is a unique opportunity to advise early stage companies, contribute to the global innovation ecosystem, and network with other high-profile experts across industries in the US and LatAm.

Mentors work with startups through individual advising, office hours (in-person or virtual), and tailored events throughout the accelerator.

Speakers provide formal training, workshops, or information sessions on specific areas of expertise during the accelerator. 

Experts support startups in different roles and in different capacities throughout the accelerator. 

Panelists help to train startups for investor and customer pitches and to select which promising startups may be invited to enter the Boston accelerator. 

Eligibility Requirements

•Entrepreneurs with a demonstrated track record of success

•Industry-specific professionals or investors with significant 
early-stage or industry experience

•General business professionals with significant management experience

•Technical Experts & University Experts with specific, topical expertise or academic credentials relevant to their field

Interested in joining the Accelerate Colombia Experts?